Friday, 1 April 2011

Fernando Alonso: "At last we have seen how they all"

Declarations of Fernando Alonso after the race, which says that Malaysia will more war and I hope is well and on Saturday more competitive and able to leave later in the race if they have been fast, but they must be good in everything.

Alonso says that even if he had done well the result would have been similar: "If I would have gone ahead as normal Button or Webber, but it would have been third or fifth. would have been a more normal career. Petrov went inside, threw Button and also to me. I was in the wrong place but in the end it has been traced. "

But despite their poor start, had a good comeback and has been very strong, something that I always like: "We managed to pass through the strategy. endured more than expected and mobile wing was very helpful to us because it allowed us to advance in some cases. We are pleased with the performance. ""It was the first race after many days training. At last we have seen how they all. On Saturday, Red Bull were on another planet, but today has been that Webber is not as fierce.

The next race will get more war. "Nothing I prefer the last sentence that says Alonso for the next race will bring more war, that we all want.

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